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A Late Summer Day


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This past Sunday I set some time aside to get my car ready for fall. It is a 1935 Cadillac, Fleetwood bodied town sedan. I greased the chassis, cleaned and reset the points, cleaned all the wires in the ignition circuit, greased the water pump, oiled the distributer, checked the lights and light circuits, adjusted the brakes, and checked the coolant level in the radiator.


I took it for a brief ten mile ride to get everything warmed up, returned, and changed the oil. (Didn’t change the filter - there is no filter). I then took it for another ten mile ride, with the excuse that I needed a final check, but mainly because I wanted to take it for a ride. She ran beautifully and stopped politely when asked. The vacuum assisted brakes on this car are quite good. However, I like to leave lots of space between it and any vehicle ahead of it.  There was lots of traffic. The good news was that traffic was moving between 45 and 50 mph, which is a range where my car is very comfortable, guzzling gas happily as only a car with a 30 gallon tank and an updraft carburetor can do.


It quietly hummed a nice smooth V8 song.  Oil pressure stayed at 40 psi. Water temperature crawled up into the low “Normal” range. I got home and was thrilled that everything looked good for fall. I took the time to wash and polish it. Then, of course, it rained. The rain stopped soon, the sun came out through mixed clouds. I dried the car and put her away. It was a great day, and I felt good. Just wish there were other people with old cars to join me.



Ready to be washed.png

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