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3 Hudson(?) straight 6 motors for sale

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My son went scrapping and brought home what I have been told is 3 Hudson motors. I was asked to offer them for sale before they go to the scrap yard.


Located near Mason City, IA - 50401


$200.00 for all 3 engines. They are on a trailer and have no way to left them off except by hand, or some sort of lift the buyer would bring. The trailer owner would like his trailer back by the 1st part of October.


I will try to get the numbers that I can find/see. Any numbers more important than others? If a specific picture is needed I will try to get it. The trailer isn't parked at my house so it maybe a day or 2 before I would be able to get it. 


I have attached 1 picture. More pictures can be found on the General Discussion page under "Straight 6 engine ID".


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