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Bundle of nos Buick parts 1937-56 range

Frank Wilkie

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Selling this bundle of nos Buick parts. Torque tube bushing 1940-56 all series,  Trans needle bearings 1937 to 38 60-80-90 series also 1939-48 all also 1949 to 54  40 and 50 series...   Outer LS wheel bearing #909025 may have been for my 1936 Century at the time...  Delco Remy Vacuum #1116065 nos..  Bearing  may have been for the input or output transmission for my 1952 Buick special standard trans.   All for $90 plus shipping... this is appx 1/2 price .. You can check prices at Bob's Buicks in California..  call me at 618-889-6855...






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