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Selling my Cadillac Seville

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My 1977 Seville for sale. 350 cid V-8 engine, Bendix/Bosch fuel injection,180 HPHas Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission.  Transmission: new. Am offering car plus accessories you do not find easily.  This car has true wire-wheeled rims 1, 2, 3. no 4th.  Unmounted.  This lug kit included. My dream is over; I pass on the future dream car my dad and I were working on to a new owner. Engine is the best part. Original vinyl roof is wasted.  Shocks excellent.  Has rear air ride shocks.  Your drive over any RR crossing beats all new cars of today.  Have many extras, read at bott 4 description. Climate Control A/C used to work, needs freon. I am told the A/C sedans of the Seville’s of this era can be converted over to R134a with a new A/C compressor.   Power radio antenna works because I bought it recently and installed it.  Suggest you replace speakers and interior seats and motor of 2 windows.  Thats why selling Caddy below $5,000. No car crashes; chassis and suspension perfect.  Seville includes 3 prized possessions: panelings for interior of car. Left rear, right rear and the front driver’s side. These door panels are excellent upholstery, supple, rich in color. I aint kidding. So, lets start the pics (divided into 4 sections.) Ext body (section 1) Pic 1. Look closely at front. Unique front grill and bumper.   What am I talking about?  See pic #2. #2. Compare the Sevilles side-by-side.   ON THE RIGHT IS MY CADDY WHICH CAN BE YOURS. Pic 3 Width of center chrome not your typical Seville Nice closeup of my car. 4. Side view getting smog check. #5 is the actual car parked in front of my home. Yes, roof is crummy but, not the engine, or chrome and stainless steel. Exterior (section 2) 6. Hubcaps that are on it, 3 on now, 1 missing. 7 and 8. This Caddy comes with 3 Exquisite wire rims, I have 3.  The Center piece is interchangeable. Unmounted, now. 9. Another look at reg hubcap. 10. Engine. 11. my current ornament. 12. Dazzling ornament I own. Exact fit to 77 Seville.  New front hood ornament bought by me. This ornament is included, with its orig box from manufacturers: MINT Cadillac OE Seville Hood Ornament for the 1977. Got it from Texas.  Entire thing is MINT ready 2 install. 13. I still got the orig box, beside 2 xtras, which are a ’77 interior Lens #GR-11 928 Lens. 13.5 The two extras.  Interior  (section 3)14. A pair of rear light mounts (interior).  I have two of these extra attachments, complete; these in addition to #13.5 15. closeup of master control in car.  16. The cool steering wheel  17. Windshield wipers new. 18. Power antenna I own, is installed. 19. as stated vinyl roof kaput r side not so hot. 20.Mint, very new pillar roof emblems, not plastic to replace orig crests. crests both sides there, also molding and brackets there. To be installed by you. 21. One more look at unique radiator center. When it gleams under Sun, heads turn. I’ve seen cheap grills sold for $500. Mine on the R. 21.5 Comparison look. 22. No BS. Back Tail lights in pretty good shape but I am providing an xtra exterior rear lite housing, brand new.  You never know u may need an xtra tail assembly. 23. Closeup, 4 right side. 24. Whole connection is complete. #25.The Real panelings !  With my car comes 3 exquisite actual Seville interior panelings.  Very rare and beautiful.  In succession, the three immaculate panelings for the interior that will replace current interior.  Took me a long time to find them. Even had to track them down from Canada, yep from up north. 26. well preserved. 27. the current left rear panel, yes crummy but 28. This gorgeous will replace lefty rear. Look closely at what I am talking about. Each new paneling is missing the black plastic  insert, but my caddy has all 4, so new owner just swaps. 29. Attachment at bott goes into left rear panel. 30. A closeup from bott up; taken indoors. 31. Left door mechanism complete 4 panel. 32. closeup. 33. R rear panel. 34. inside R rear door paneling mechanism. 35. another angle of R rear door, note perfect rubber insulation. Thats my doggie, Milo left bott. 36. All pins complete on all of them. 37. Looking from bott up, taken indoors thats why lighting diff. 38. Now for a little shock, bad driver side, BUT no need to fret. All mechanisms with master control on my original are there, just d panel sucks. Carpet not that great, so it will be replaced by this WONDER.  39. Look how supple new driver side panel looks.  40. As if transported from a time machine. Voila the full door driver’s side paneling in near mint condition. Do you really know how difficult something like this is to locate? and in this rare condition?…someday fully assembled it will look like this w/proper care of a new owner, 50. No spare tire or inflator can, sorry. Extras  (section 4): 51-55 Mint, very new.  Avital 2-way remote engine start w/vehicle security.  It has 1 4-button 1-way remote; and a 2-way LCD remote. 55.  Dual motion sensor, NEW.  Selling price: $4,400. My tel: 323-774-2941 or email me at daily@castleofdmind.com. Orig 8-track. Radio works perfectly.  Automatic Antenna works because we fixed it. Interior and ext lites work perfectly.  I include brand new alarm (you install). Please see descriptive pictures.  The most difficult item to ever find is the paneling for the drivers’s side!  Well, I got it.  Give auto a paint job, fix roof, tune-up, new upholstery and carpets you got yourself a winner.  All tags paid for. New brakes. Smog up to date .Like I said, engine is great. My name is Robert. Southern California. Anytime in the day is fine.


2. 79 Elegante Excellent Shot .gif


















20. Twin mints.png







25.  bott-halfMINT-from-Canada.gif



28.-B--Left-rear Mint.gif














51.-alarm-in box.gif





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