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Parts to Hershey (Wire Wheels and Couple Bumpers)


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I have loaded in the Trailer a set of Four Budd 18" Wire wheels with good roller tires Ready for sand blast and powder coat very little rust. and also two front and rear Bumper sets

1931-1932 Buick 8 Front & Rear set

1929-30 Plymouth U and 1929 Chrysler 65 and Maybe Desoto Used as well Front and Rear Bumper Set with Medalion mount covers.

CH74-78 Chocolate Field South









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Why did you revive this old post ? When you find a old post and have a question click on my logo Initial and it will have a small envelope to send a PM private message Just. FYI for future reference. 

Answer to Question: unfortunately I have no more 7 bolt wheels Good luck in your Search, My Grandfather once had a 75 Roadster Beautiful Car.


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