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For Sale: 1947 Oldsmobile 2-Door Sedanette - "Grandma's Car" - "Roller Project" - Cheney, WA - Not Mine

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For Sale on  Craigslist: 1947 Oldsmobile 2-Door Sedanette in Cheney, WA  -  $9,500  -  No phone # provided.  Reply to Seller through Craigslist email to:  dfc38d6fda84370f800ef825af1c141b@sale.craigslist.org


Link: https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/four-lakes-1947-oldsmobile-dynamic-76/7379439547.html


Seller's Description:

1947 Oldsmobile 2-Door Sedanette

  • condition: good
  • cylinders: 6 cylinders
  • transmission: automatic
  • odometer: 47,000
  • paint color: green
  • title status: clean

Wonderful ONE OWNER "47 Olds. Clean title.  ONLY 47,000 miles!  ALWAYS garaged.  TOTALLY stock.
Sports a smooth fastback styling unlike anything on the road today.
Dynamic Seventy designated "76" - L head 238 cu in straight -six engine.
Hydra-Matic Drive Automatic Transmission.
Deluxe Trimmed Seventy Series includes: rear view mirror, rear arm rests, chrome wheel trim rings, deluxe steering wheel with horn ring, glove box lid electric clock, bumper guards with running lights, deluxe push button AM radio, dual visors, license plate light, cigarette lighter, 3 ash trays, even a chrome Kleenex tissue box dispenser.
All original CHROME is intact and in good shape.
Headliner and interior panels in good shape.
Upholstery in good shape.
An absolute gem that my grandma drove for the very last time in 1967 - into the barn and there it stayed. I suppose you would consider this a real barn find.
In general the car is in great condition and ready for restoration with only superficial rust. It's a roller.
Please respond to this ad through Craigslist email for starters. Thank you.



















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Pretty neat car. Seeing the plugs were removed is a little unsettling though. For how long were they left out, was someone making an attempt to free up the engine at some time? How would the Hydramatic age with such a long period of nonuse? It would be neat to see it cleaned up and roadworthy. The price for doing so would be hard to guess, could be with odds in favor, $3,000.00, but running similar cars of this vintage have come up for sale at about the same asking price with less unknowns.

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Cub did you see the CT Buick sedanette w straight 8 here in CT recently?  I believe new haven area, quickly sold to flipper and sold again.  This bodystyle but a Buick 8, a bit unusual, almodt put it here but it went too quickly.  Up, running abd semi shiny, $12k

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I missed it Steve. It must have came and went quick as I'm always browsing CL. I like the Sedanette alot. I've seen them for the same price on hemmings but in rough shape. When I make a change in a few years I will go for a straight 8 Buick, 3 speed. 

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Yes this is another true romantic "barn find" but the ad is overhyped (and the car is way overpriced) at $9500. Yes it's a neat car but let's discuss some of the work involved and how much the resurrection is going to cost just to put this treasure back on the road again.  Keep in mind everything mechanically has sat idle for 54 years. Engine with the plugs out COULD be stuck. In my experiences Hydramatics don't like to sit 5 (or even 2) decades without shifting. Needs a battery. Needs complete brake system (and probably exhaust system) replaced. Needs 4 tires. Requires total fuel system overhaul with pump, carb, lines, sender, and maybe a tank. (Tanks fit 40s Oldsmobiles only and are not reproduced). Water pump and possibly radiator will require attention. and then there's all the electrical stuff, starter, generator, regulator, gauges, wiring, radio, bulbs, sockets will at least need to be checked out. There are always a few more "old car" issues that turn up that will need to be fixed. How about a shiny new paint job? No mention of rust but there are plenty of dents & dings to fix.  It has been stated on these Forums that a quality paint job can cost up to $20 grand and that was a few years ago. Hey, we can't turn back the clock to to the  1970s when you could go to the local junkyard and find all the parts you need for a few bucks, this is 2021 now and everything is hard to find and it's alll super duper expensive. Also this car is a 6 cylinder and an 8 would be worth more. Buyers should consider all these POSSIBLE expenses before jumping into something like this. $9500? I don't think so. Seller should start at maybe $3500 and take the best offer. Whoever the lucky new buyer is he could be in way over his head! 


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Parts availability will be the difficult thing on fixing this car, not as popular as a Chevy or Buick, Kanter may have alot of stuff. Rebuilding the major components is the way to go, but not as bad I'm sure compared to fixing up a 55 Hudson Wasp. Never fails to be a few returns until the correct part is obtained, or a failed promise of delivery from someone with the last known hoarding of NOS that doesnt answer their phone or reply to email messages. Just part of the game. Could be the first Hydramatic version before the design was ironed out.

Lucky for the seller that it's a desirable body style, the funky green would be attractive to someone that wants a hip car to drive to beach parties, and the interior looks decent, that it could be cleaned to be acceptable.

Reality pricing will set in at some point, or someone will arrive with a trailer in tow and 30 freshly minted Benjis and the flipster will be happy to see green in another form.

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My father had a nice twin to this car , about 1956. At the time I thought it was the best looking car I ever saw.

My number 1 memory is it spent most of the time that he owned it at " Sirl's auto repair."

I'm guessing it was an engine problem that was magnified by the Hydramatic.

I know we never took a trip in it. 

Replaced by 1953 Ford 6 cyl , stick, same color Green. I don't recall it ever being in the repair shop , and we took many trips in it.

This could be the best Olds ever built , but I doubt it.

They do make nice resto rods, though.

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