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94 LT1 Plugs


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I've got a 94 Buick Roadmaster with the 5.7 LT1.  I had a set of Bosch R6 [HR8KII33V] but could never determine if they could be used in this motor.  Have decided to go with ACDelco but find there are two possible double platinum plugs, the 41906 [gapped at .050] and the 41902 [gapped at .060].  Any preference and if so, why?

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What does the emissions label under the hood spec the plug gap at?


By that model year, a lot of the ACDelco plugs were actually NKG plugs in an ACDelco box, but with the ACDelco markings on them.


The platinums which came in those motors had no issues with lasting 50K miles, as later model years had a longer recommended change interval.  Of course, the later Iridium plugs (NGKs in an ACDelco box) will last much longer at a little bit higher price and possibly better performance as more of the explosion from the "ZAP" is exposed to the air/fuel mixture.


Go into the ACDelco parts website and see what they recommend now.  Go with that listing and plug gap.  Another place to look at a catalog would be www.rockauto.com .


Just some thoughts,


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