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Early buick parts 1930s cars

Coupe 31

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I think there was a posting on the form about a year ago on how one of the members fixed his malfunctioning thermostat.  You might check it out.

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From an earlier post on this forum:

Buick Thermostat Bellows Repair


These are fairly easy to repair. Perform an air leak-down test using 5-10 pounds of air. If necessary, solder the repair which is usually a crack in the bellows section. When disassembled, use bright light against the suspected section to see the leak area. After soldering together, fill the unit half way (and I mean only half way) with Methyl Alcohol using the "soldered over" fill area in the rear of the unit. You can also replace the soldered fill hole with a machine screw and nylon washer with sealant. Using the machine screw method also makes it easier to perform the leak-down test. Methyl Alcohol is used in some brands of Dry Gas products, so read the labels carefully. I found mine at a local Rite Aid drug store. Do not use Ethyl or Isopropel alcohol. Test the unit in a pot of boiling water before reinstalling.

Cost of Solder: $2.50

Cost of Dry Gas: $2.99

Repairing it yourself: Priceless!

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On 9/15/2021 at 11:09 PM, Robert Engle said:

Olsen Gaskets


Bob's automobilia  for oil filter


Will need to make your own bypass tubing for the oil cooler.


I do not know of any replacement thermostats.  There are people that restore the thermostats.  


Bob Engle

Hi all, just a quick note, I put in an order for an oil filter with Bob's for my 1930 Buick a couple of weeks back, he told me he has none in stock and has to look for another manufacturer. Cheers Paul

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