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1938 Ignition Switch *FOUND*


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I am looking for the screw that holds the 3/16 steel ball for the ignition switch on the 1937 and 1938 Buicks.  My 1938 Buick did not come with the screw, washer, and 3/16 steel ball.  PS:  I also do not know what the screw size or type either.  Thank you.

Ignition Switch.jpg

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The size is a 3/16 inch ball bearing and that I have known about for quite some time.   Mr. Harry Logan wrote about that back in 1995 in the tech tip articles in the Torque Tube for the 1937-1938 Buick Club.  The ball bearing was mainly missing from these igntion switches; however, the screw itself is a type unique to the ignition switch for 1937-1938 Buicks.  I believe the 1936 Buick switch is similar, but do not know if they are interchangeable.

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