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1954 Imperial $8,750 Pendleton, OR

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Geez, quite stylish and an attractive sale price.  However story does not tell a few things like does the engine run and does the transmission operate like it should?  Cars don't do well sitting around.  Could be a cool car to cruise in...

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Someone cleaned it up after pulling it out of it’s 30 years of storage.  Sounds like, from the description, they haven’t got the car running and drivable.   If this car was drivable, at the asking price, it would be an affordable family collector car.  Unfortunately, it is overpriced if it needs towed home with unknown issues before it can be enjoyed.   

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Unfortunately, there's no phone number in the ad--

always useful after the ad expires--but here is some

more information copied for everyone's reference.


"True Barn find! Very nice 1954 Chrysler Imperial Sedan. One of the finest full size luxury cars available at the time. This car is very clean has most of it's original paint but has some wear and age.
The has been stored for over 30+ years and garaged most of its life. All the chrome and trim is mostly clean and original and shows very well. The interior upholstery and leather is nice and clean but has flaws and may need some repairing as its original and never been touched. This was a very spacious and luxurious interior for the time period. This was an expensive Executive Automobile. The car is powered by a 331 Hemi V8 with automatic transmission with power steering and power brakes. Would be a comfortable fun car to drive. Would need some freshening up the gas tank was drained before it was stored so would need a few basic things before you could drive it. The car is for sale and can be viewed by appointment only. $8,750 somewhat negotiable."







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If this Imperial could be made to run with minimal effort it would be a great car for someone. It appears to have a lot going for it (more pictures please) as it's a nice looking, clean, complete, well preserved original that doesn't appear to be rusty or messed with and it's even a fancy top of the line model. It has attractive colors that are a lot better looking than say, all black, all gray, or all light green. Another big plus is the condition of all the die-cast chrome trim these early 50s Chryslers had (especially on the front ends) that looks to be in great condition for its age. It might need a little work on the seats to be really nice but IMO this car condition-wise is exactly what you're looking for when buying a collector car. If there's a minus though it might be the fact that these conservatively-styled early 50s Mopar 4-door sedans don't typically command a lot of money at resale time. 

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