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1929 Salon catalog advertisement - coachbuilt P-A

Walt G

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Although many may collect the period advertisements that were in general news stand magazines available to the public ( Saturday Evening Post, Literary Digest, etc) There were select advertisements that were placed for a specific market and level of customers.  Many advertisements for P-A were usually seen in the souvenir programs issued for the annual Custom Body Salons held in San Francisco, N.Y., Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Many were minus a lot of "copy" ( words) as their audience knew what they were looking at and wanted to buy. The advertisements in the salon catalogs/programs were very expensive to place, reached a limited select audience ( you had to be invited to attend a salon they were not open to the general public) The programs for all the salons were produced in NY City, printed by the Williams Press of NY City & Albany NY.

I have all the information as to who was responsible for these ( Director, Art Consultant, Production Dept. etc) and 95% of all the Salon programs for the four annual salons from 1917 to 1932. It has taken me 50 years and I still don't have a complete run!

Here is one I will share from the 1929 San Francisco Salon catalog ( held at the Palace Hotel  end of February to early March)

Hope you enjoy it. Note the lack of most any copy/words except to identify the coach builders. This could be an story for every make shown as they all had their own unique style of how to present a car to attract the level of customers they wanted. It would also trace the lineage of what was shown when and where. More untold or rarely thought of stories.



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