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What Are You Using for a Tube in 1928 Chrysler 18 Inch Tires???


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Hi Tony, don't know if you have been following my post under the technical forum, no one makes a tube to fit 650-18 tires with a centered stem.  I don't know what size tires you bought tubes for but I would just check to see that the stem position you got it the one you require.

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Leo, have a look into heavy duty, thick walled motor cycle tubes. I was looking last night and it appears they make a 5,20 thick walled, heavy duty tube with a centered stem. Perhaps there is a bigger version of motorbike tube? Do not buy the thin chinese type bike tubes.

 We have been using 4,10 x 18 thick walled, heavy duty motorbike tubes inside 450/500 x19 model A tires for some time with no problems so far. The only thing with motorbike tubes is the valve stems are thinner, so you have to get those plastic valve stem inserts/grommets to fill the valve stem holes in your rims.

 My Chrysler 62 roadster at present is shod with used 4,10 x 18 Knobbly offroad motorcycle tires with thick walled bike tubes, so that I can move the car around while working on it. I could probably drive it on these tires but would not go far or fast on them. They have been fitted purely as roller tires, and once I'm happy with repairs I will be looking for 525/550x18 tires, tubes and flaps.



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Viv W, I was able to secure a set of 5 new Firestone balloon tires 650-18 and flaps from Universal Tire in Pennsylvania USA just a couple of weeks ago.  They may have more.  Universal also stocks a 525/550-18 tube with a centered stem called B-18/19, however they currently do not have any in stock so I'm on a call list for when they arrive.  I've been told you can put a smaller tube into a larger tire but NOT a larger tube into a smaller tire.  I'll be going to Hershey an a couple of weeks.  Stay well.  Leo

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