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47 Continental battery


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I have hold down. 
I am looking for the reproduction battery cover. 
I think the 47 had “Lincoln”

on the side and earlier had “Zephyr” script.

Anybody have pictures?

I could probably use a template and. Reproduce the graphics.

This battery is prevalent in the engine compartment,I’m just not happy with the current appearance.

I don’t like the fresh air hose either but I can’t change that ,





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Thanks again,

I called them and believe they may be using Optima as well.

He said it was 1000CCA and AGM type battery.Same spec. but did not mention Optima by name.

Built to order  ,10 week lead time.

I’ll let you know if I go that way,


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Have your tried Antique Auto Battery Co. in Hudson Ohio? If still in business they made very nice repro cases with LZ teardrop embossed, long lasting gel batteries inside and the Lincoln positive ground in the the proper position for the correct ground strap to the battery box and cylinder. 

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