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Does anyone know what the heck this is??


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I have a bronze one in my shop right now...it was still attached to the prop shaft of my late uncle's boat. I found it on the ground at the family home in exactly the place where the boat rotted away and fell apart. I've already made some things from the shaft but I haven't thought of anything I can make out of that piece!

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10 hours ago, gossp said:

I think it would make a pretty awesome flagpole holder on the side of a building. 

There is a fine “junk shop” in Maine called the “Treasure and Trash Barn” (Route 1 in Searsport) where you can find similar re-purposing of those. They look really nice shined up and certain coastal areas have plenty around!

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12 hours ago, JV Puleo said:

It's a prop shaft support from the bottom of a boat...it's upside down. The flat portion is attached to the keel. The prop shaft passes through the hole. Most that I've seen are made of naval bronze...


^^^THIS. The technical term is "propeller shaft bracket". Type that into Google Images.



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