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Hershey 2021

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 I will be a vendor at Hershey, as usual. I am at CCN 18, 19 and 20. This is a row of vendors, specializing in Antique Studebaker, that we call Antique Studebaker Row, which has at least 12 various prewar Studebaker swap spaces! Includes the Antique Studebaker Club tent. I suspect the program won't have these various venders listed in the directory.

If anyone has any specific Prewar Studebaker parts wants, or any general Studebaker memorabilia, manuals, or Studebaker cans, let me know so I can pack them up to bring along.
I don't need you to make a commitment, just an interest. Includes various used prewar engines, and a completely rebuilt 1957 Golden Hawk engine (that was never installed, after being redone). I will only bring engines that someone has expressed an interest in.
You can Email me at georgr@ptd.net

George Rohrbach

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