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Nice Pierce Arrow at local show


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51464644303_3836efe2e5_z.jpg2021-09-13_08-08-24 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr


Went to a local show Saturday and was quite surprised to see this gem there. Show was co sponsored by local 'vette club and the Lions club. Lots of Corvettes there, mostly muscle cars, quite a few tri fives (typical car show stuff). Only a couple of pre war cars and I use that term loosely as they were ratty rods.



Shameless plug of my car from my lawn chair seat


51464600726_823a236d67_z.jpg2021-09-13_08-37-42 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr



I never stick around long enough to hear results but there was a 49 F1 that was restored beyond perfect in almost everyway. Def was the nicest restored vehicle there. My only gripe with it was the varnished oak bed with chrome slats. A pet peeve of mine with old trucks.


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