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Possible 1914-15 Car

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Robert and JV -

    Wow. That is a picture of a 1917 or 1918 Kissel Model 6-38 All-Year Gibraltar Sedanlette. It’s a very rare convertible hard top model which came with an I pictured removable hard top. It had the powerful Kissel made L head engine that could cruise at 60 mph. 
    There is only one such car that survives today and I have it after a seven year restoration. It’s identical to this pictured car but I mounted optional wire wheels on mine. This is a fun car!

    Ron Hausmann P.E.





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Ron, isn't it amazing what turns up here. I immeadiatly recognized the car, but figured you would enjoy it more by tripping over it instead of me sending it to you. Lots of fun. QUESTION? What's with the plastic under the car in front of your front door?🤔 Certainly you car doesn't leak!😎

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Ed - oops now I see what you are talking about. I put a 9x12 plastic sheet over our exposed aggregate driveway, underneath any of my cars when I have them displayed on our front drive. My wife will kill me if I ever drip oil on the drive. Yes they all drip sooner or late4!


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On 9/10/2021 at 4:46 PM, Robert Aldrich said:

What make, model, year is the car? What did it cost to buy it?

Lloyd New Car Modesto.jpg


    These models were in the 2600-3000 price range , depending upon options. Bumpers, headlight upgrades, Boyce meters, wire wheels , and other it3ms were options.

    Thanks for the picture!

    Ron Hausmann P.E.

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