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51 Super 50 roof rain rails


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If you've been watching our progress..... we haven't made much in the last few months but it's more progress than ever. I just had shoulder surgery so I'm down for the 1st time ever (41 yrs old). The floor is almost completed. The trunk pan is a pain in the ass to build from scratch. We put in our wood order from a company called JB Donaldson in Arizona. We got the transmission back from being rebuilt AGAIN. We actually had it "rebuilt" 25 years ago but it just sat in the shop, not being used. We took it to a trustworthy tranny shop to go through it and make sure it's good to start using. Turns out the shop that "rebuilt" it 25 years ago just cleaned it out and reused the same seals and gears.

We're not having much luck figuring out how to make or buy the roof rain rails. We need to replace about 20 inches of roof rail. I have a bead roller but I cant find any attachments (if they exist) to make our own. Does anybody have any good suggestions?

Only a few pix to add this time. 








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