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Hershey Bound Tues and Wed only. Here is my wanted list of 1900-10 cars parts engines etc. Leads appreciated both ways!

George Albright

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Hi Guys. Will arrive at Hershey to the Holiday Inn in Hummelstown Monday afternoon. Will be on the field all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday,then off with my wife to Pittsburgh. I have a space in Chocolate South field. Have a pickup to haul stuff in. Looking for 1900-1910 cars,engines,trans,frames,axles etc. including cars and engines: Crest Crestmobile,Orient, Waltham Orient,Brennan, Dykes,Neustadt Perry,De Dion Bouton,Aster engines. Longuemare carbs etc. Please let me know if you or a friend are bringing any of the above. Maybe we can make a deal before and I pay and pickup at Hershey. Thanks! George Albright,Ocala,Florida  cell weekdays 10-4 EST best 352 843 1624  email  gnalbright@gmail.com 

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