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1933 Rockne Model 10 Deluxe Sedan $7,000

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The first photo makes it look like WOW, what a bargain! The next 3 show what it really is - "I took the SOB apart & now realize I don't have the time, money, or skill to undo my big mistake." I can't believe how many people are so stupid to essentially ruin a decent vehicle by attempting to restore it. If it runs & if it's not roadworthy, make it roadworthy & enjoy it. If it doesn't run & looks halfway decent, make it roadworthy & enjoy. Too many people mess with stuff they no nothing about.



It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to sell my 33 Rockne Deluxe Sedan. I used to own this and sold it in 1984. I was actually able to buy it back earlier this year. But it’s become obvious that my current medical issues have made the restoration too much for me to complete. It has a very nice body, doors, fenders, grille and radiator, splash pan and gas tank cover sheet metal. One of the good fender is not side mount, but I have another fender with a nice side mount well to go with it. All glass is good except one-off the rear side windows is cracked. Doors are gutted but I have all parts including very nice handles. Roof wood is good and does not need replacement. I have a debodied frame with the drivetrain intact ready for detailing and remounting the body. Crankshaft moved about an inch but I have not freed up the valves. I just got the head back from resurfacing. There are approx. 200 Rockne of all types left in the world, about 75% ‘32’s and 25% ‘33’s. There are only a handful of Deluxe Sedans (factory dual side mounts) known to exist. Asking $7000 and it has a clear title. I will consider trading for a ‘58 Edsel of comparable value. Location is central Wisconsin and I may be able to negotiate delivery.

May be an image of outdoors

May be an image of car

May be an image of outdoors

No photo description available.

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This car is mine.  I posted the photo of the complete one to show people what one looks like.  I intended to mention that that’s the reason for the photo but forgot.  I will edit my ad to include that.  I also put that photo last, but for some reason it came up first in some locations.  

Be careful making assumptions.  I did not disassemble and get in over my head.  I have the nice body to go on the frame with suspension and drivetrain from a parts car. Also included are many parts not shown, including the front side mount fenders with side mount brackets and much more.   Since posting, I have also freed up the engine and it now rotated by hand and should be rebuildable.  I have also reduced the price to $6500 and will consider trading for a 58 Edsel of the same approx. value.  

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16 hours ago, mtype1931 said:

Be careful making assumptions.

I made the assumption because your first photo was of the nice, complete car, followed by the disassembled photos. I've seen numerous ads like yours, where the first photo is the clickbait, followed by the photos of reality. After seeing so many in this scenario, you can understand how the assumption was made about your car.

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