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1941 Buick Model 91 Touring Sedan

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This car isn't mine or connected to me, but I do know the owner and tried to buy this car before I bought mine several years ago. It wasn't available then, but it's available now. Yes, it needs some TLC and the interior is wrong, but they took my advice on pricing and I think it represents a good start for someone with some energy and know-how. The 91 touring sedan is the most desirable of the standard Limiteds, skipping the divider window and jump seats, so the front seat has a lot more adjustment. Anyway, it has needs but it's also mostly complete and isn't missing anything major beyond the rocker panel moldings, which don't exist. I told them I'd help promote it a bit to get it sold--it was owned by the guy's father-in-law, who bought it as-is and never got around to finishing it. He doesn't know much about it, so don't pepper him with questions, but he's open to offers and I think it's priced appropriately. He's not wrong that you could get it up and running and probably double its value. Asking price is $12,900, it's located in Aberdeen, WA, and you can contact him directly here: https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1493341/1941-buick-series-90-for-sale-in-aberdeen-washington-98520


PS: If you buy the car, I'll give you $300 for that rectangular dome light lens that's front-and-center on the table. 


Here are a few photos:


27052796-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.21d707a127c1390888516011186a6ee3.jpg  27052800-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.88aefd350f1a1279881bbb04433a3d0a.jpg  27052805-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.747d43fea5a6edd2179b6243fa55c1f4.jpg  27052807-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.358e8317ff89d4aa9fafc8ac328158cf.jpg


27052810-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.4772ca08f5bcef3b3fb02013d37cf99f.jpg  27052916-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.5dab7c9e893abcdc69980f9e3e6fe9f1.jpg  27052817-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.3706b538b53dbc11d3d47e5dd43fcc09.jpg  27052823-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.4693118fa9755bdfdbcb2e112ccc974b.jpg


27052919-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.f75a9bdc449361dfdd98bd9253c8c57b.jpg  27052915-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.0cd87468be910da30f831c9856ce3855.jpg  27052836-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.c92cd4179a84890dfbe124b69f15dbd9.jpg  27052920-1941-buick-series-90-std.jpg.141ad035412f78b6127ced86a74e635a.jpg



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