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1933 Cadillac and LaSalle Body styles & Prices - Factory Information book

Walt G

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This listing is from a soft cover book issued to dealers in 1933 "for the new series Cadillac and LaSalle cars."  The book is 9 x 11 3/8 inches and 138 pages. Pages are coated stock paper and has huge amounts of photos of every part of the cars ( even the size of the camshaft bearings for the V16 !!!!) . There are color pages at the center showing some examples of body styles - 18 additional pages. Book is heavy , about 2 or more pounds. I am guessing these went one to a dealer , perhaps just larger dealerships. and since it only covered the one year at the end of 1933 was thrown away.

An incredible work to put together by Cadillac Motor Car division and had to be costly to print, words n the black cover are in gold and embossed. This was not a sales piece that would be given to a perspective customer , but a "bible" for the sales staff.

This one was saved by a Cadillac dealer in Glen Cove, NY and found in the basement of that dealership when the building was sold because they moved into a new building in the early 1970s. Glad to rediscover this in my archives ( hadn't looked at it in at least 15 years) and as always to share a bit here .


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That book was issued for the dealer meeting each year. In 1932 the meeting was in Chicago. Awards were also given out by territory at the convention. In 1929 it was done on a cruise ship in LA. Usually they had samples of ordering sheets and the cars on hand showing that years colors, options, end accessories. They also listed what they would NOT provide regardless of customer request. I have the 1932 Book......and it’s one of my best literature pieces..........

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Thanks Ed, I wish all car companies had issued these for their cars , amazing amount of information ! I wonder how many years they were issued - when they started and ended. I have never seen other ones , nice to know you have one for 1932.  Can you imagine at the dealership meeting someone saying - You know 90 years from now some guys are going to enjoy looking at this................

If we let the readers here know this stuff does indeed exist they can look for it - hard to look for something you have never seen nor have any details on.

It is all part of the endless stories that have never been thought of since they happened decades ago, unless we bring it up it will be lost forever.


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