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Fox Motor Car factory, Philadelphia, Pa.

Walt G

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Does the building still exist?

Walt I came across this:




A quick google search and here is the building. Note the arched brick facade on the end and the remains of the tower for the water tank.

So yes it does still exist and from the looks of it fairly unmolested.


Very cool!





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Thanks Terry! this is great . I knew that about 25 years ago the building was there but didn't keep up with the current state. The fact it isn't modified beyond recognition with modern materials ( plastic, aluminum etc) is just wonderful.

John, I totally agree then and now pictures are wonderful, and if the structure is still standing it is even better.

Just so many facets to look at our automotive history and the structures that our favorite cars were built in happens to be one of my favorite topics as I love architecture from the era of the pre war era as much as the cars. It is why I had our village enact and sign into law Architectural review guidelines for the houses and business buildings where I live decades ago .  Not just for new structures but for modifying old ones. I recall when I brought this idea/subject up with the Mayor and asked him to discuss it with the Village Board , he looked at me and chuckled and said " why am I not surprised at your request - you now want to preserve the heritage of the village architecture the way you preserve old cars. "

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10 minutes ago, Restorer32 said:

The old Pullman factory in York, PA has been converted to Senior housing but the bldg has not been much altered.

Does "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" apply to any of the Seniors who actually worked there in their younger years??



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Doubtful since Pullman closed in 1917.  We restored a 1917 Bell built in York, PA and were able to interview a very old lady who worked in the upholstery dept.  Fascinating.  They had separate entrances/exits for women. She said she seldom saw a male there. We also had a copy of the inventory from when the company and all its assets were auctioned off.  The contents of each floor were listed along with quantities.  For example...4th floor, 17 bales of horse hair, 42 sets of wood wheels etc.  Very interesting.  I also met the man who was last to leave the Pullman factory the day they closed.  His Dad was maintenance mechanic and instructed his Son to meet him at the door at closing time with his Express wagon which he did.  His Dad loaded his tools on the wagon, closed and locked the door for the last time and they headed home. This was in the 1980's and he still had several of his Dad's tools that came from the factory.

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