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My son's recently acquired Lasalle project!

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Is there enough wood in the car to use as templates? Most often, what is gone in one side is in the other enough to figure out what you need to make. I make mirror images and have had no issues doing that. There are some who’ll tell you the car is different side to side but I’ve only seen cars vary slightly and not enough to make mirror image pieces work. Get a fisher body book and study the structure of the framing. I only had a high school wood shop education for my background and do a ton of wood recreation. If you screw up is the worst case you make another piece. Many guys tell horror stories about wood body cars but I find the work extremely enjoyable. A table saw, band saw, a small base trim router, a 12” or bigger disk/belt sander, a 12” planer, some hand chisels, and a big screw driver is what you want. Today, tools like that are selling cheap because nobody knows how to use them anymore. I have a few restoration threads here on the AACA and you can see what I’ve done. I do have some more sophisticated tools but they many help with the time to make the pieces as I do more than just one car. When you disassemble the car take lots of pictures and once the sheet metal is off, only take a few pieces of wood off and make those, fitting them to the old wood. Systematically keep doing this until you have all the wood replaced. I take the upper wood off the main sills as an assembly and recreate those first, putting the other framework back on the main sills. Then I go to the easiest pieces to get off and keeping the main frame intact as much as possible. The sheet metal has to be fit back and taken off many times during the process. 

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Great advice...I've never tried to re-frame a car but were I to do so, I'd rely on christech's expertise. He really knows how to do it right and, even better, quickly.

Oh...and there is a Fisher Body manual - not for that car but showing how they did it. I had a copy years ago when I had a 27 Cadillac - though it turns out that none of the wood in my car was bad.


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