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Chrysler 75 brake question


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I followed the directions about re-centering/adjusting the liners on the drums. This assures maximum surface contact on the drum. 
what I am wondering and would appreciate input…. One backs off the adjuster nuts fully. Re-centers the shoes then have to re-use the adjusters ( these are the eccentric nuts on the back side of the brake plate) is there a way to adjust the shoes to reduce to the lowest amount if required eccentric use? I can’t figure that out. 
thanks in advance.


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If you can find or make the proper tooling to center and adjust the brakes that would be best. But if the tools are not possible for you then this might help (assuming the Lockheed brakes on your Chrysler is similar to those on later Plymouths): https://www.ply33.com/Repair/brakes


For the brakes to work well the shoes must have the same arc (radius) as the drums. In the old days brake shops had equipment for grinding the shoes to match the drums. My solution was to get some sticky backed sand paper. I put the sand paper into the drum with the sticky side against the drum and then sanded the shoes for that drum by simply rubbing them back and forth by hand until they matched the drum.

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