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1973 Pontiac GTO with 7000 miles

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I recently purchased this pristine, original 1973 Pontiac GTO from the gentleman who special-ordered it new. It has 7000 actual miles and is all original. In fact, it still had the original 48-year-old tires on it when I received it. It's an amazing time capsule. It's a 400 4-speed. Even though it does not have bucket seats, air or power steering, it still had a 2-page window sticker. All the little doo-dads like bumper rub strips, bumper guards, floor mats, various moldings, etc all added up. 


I just got it out of a friend's shop. He added power steering, changed all the fluids and rubber brake lines, tuned up the carb, and replaced the radiator. I put repro Goodyear PolyGlas GT tires on it. Now it's time to get it detailed and start enjoying it. We have a regional Pontiac show in a few weeks that I will enter.





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46 minutes ago, SeventhSon said:

I drove a friend's GTO convertible with a 400 4 speed

My neighbor restored a '68 GTO convertible back in the 80's ( I believe it was a 400 with an automatic ) he gave me ride it it one day, as we approach the interstate from the onramp, he punched it ...... that car took off, the front end lifted up and I went back into the seat. I was very impressed !



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Beautiful original car!! I really like the hood air intakes that Pontiac used on their GTO's that year. Also, some factory performance wheels got a little too outrageous for my tastes, but I always thought those wheels looked great on that year of GTO. Congrats!


So, will you be selling your pretty Cougar to help finance your new car?😊



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Jon, just saw this post. Fellow Pontiac enthusiast. Great looking car. I really like that model year GTO and a 4 speed to boot!  What part of the country are you in?  Theres a pretty good all pontiac show in PA near lancaster each year, happened last month. 

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