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MERCER with 1941 PA plates


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This was Sam Bailey's L-head Raceabout.  I don't think that is Sam behind the wheel in this photo.  Based on the wood fence and tree tree line in the background, the photo was taken at the VMCCA annual meet at Framingham MA on September 20, 1941, just a few months before Pearl Harbor.  I have similar photos of this car (along with comments) from this event that were given to me by the late Smith Hempstone Oliver.  My records don't go back far enough to identify the S/N of this car to figure out where it is today.  However, the fact that it did survive to 1941 suggests that it is probably still around today (now restored with full fenders).   I will check with some other Mercer cognoscenti to see if they have any further info.


Based on details in the photo, including number of louvres in the hood, height of the radiator, plain "Mercer" script in the radiator badge, style of hood latch, composite steering wheel and forked headlight mounts, I would venture to say that this is a 1918 Series 4 car.  (Of course any of those parts may have been swapped with an earlier/later model car.)  There are only 2 original Series 4 Raceabouts in existence today, one in CA and the other in TN.

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