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FOR SALE `65 Buick "Pleasure Profile" Options Booklet


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  I`m going to be selling some doubles from my literature collection and first up is a very seldom seen factory item for `65. The Pleasure Profile booklet specifies all the available factory/dealer options and their prices for each model in the `65 Buick lineup including the Riviera. It is well illustrated and printed on heavy, high quality, glossy paper and is large measuring 8 1/2 X 11 inches. This booklet is very hard to find and is one of the more unusual factory literature items issued for `65. Just as with most collectibles, rarity and condition dictate value and this item qualifies in both regards...the condition is as new, no dog ear corners, no creases, wrinkles or folding from use, no dirt, dust, grime or funky mildew odor; it literally looks as if the salesman just handed it out, the condition is that impressive.

  Priced at $50 plus shipping...please send a PM if interested



65 pleasure profile 1 (2).jpg

65 pleasure profile 2 (2).jpg

65 pleasure profile 3 (2).jpg

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On 8/29/2021 at 7:25 AM, Pat Curran said:

If I still had my 65 I would be placing my order.  I think the price is more than reasonable.  Nice piece Tom.

Hi Pat,

  Over the years I have collected quite a few items for the `65 Buicks and this item is among the most scarce. I payed $75 for the `64 version so I feel the price is very fair, especially considering the Gran Sport cars are selling for a premium....so far, no takers.


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