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Freeing up stuck brake drum


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The drum is held on (or stuck) from only 2 possible places. 


1. the bearing is bad, stuck, frozen - remove the hub cover, nut, washer and bearing. with the bearing out the drum will rock back & forth and up and down on the spindle. AND it should spin/turn somewhat.

If the bearing was run without grease and self destructed it is 99% of the time the outer bearing that is frozen and the inner bearing will still turn. 


2. BACK OFF THE SHOES!  Yes, get your brake adjuster and back off the star wheel and get the shoes to move back and away from the drum.   If this is an old car with no history then somebody could have worn the brake shoes enough that they have cut deep groves into the drums such that the grove is retaining the drum. OR a spring has broken and a shoe(s) is dragging against the drum. In either case if you can back off the adjuster enough to clear the drum WILL turn and can be removed.  Especially if you have also removed the outer bearing. 

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As others said, try backing off the adjusters. If that does not work try banging on the drum with a hammer, hit it on the face or edge if you don't want to bend it. If that does not work you can try cutting the ends off the keepers that hold the shoes in place using side cutter pliers.

Last year I bought a 62 Pontiac for parts that had been sunk in a field since 1982. I had to cut the drums apart with an acetylene torch to get it to move. That was the worst one I ever ran into,  they almost always come free if you back off the adjusters and bang on the drum

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