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some progress on the commander engine

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happy saturday, i got some time to work on the commander engine finally. (see my thread on commander victoria)

i got my new valves from 91/93 chev cavalier intake valves, had to turn down the heads slightly on six to make exhaust valves.

i got the guides reamed to 8mm, which gave 2 or 3 thou to take out some taper, cut the seats, and got the tappets, valves and springs assembled. 

valve spring retainers are from ls chev engine, valve keepers are from kubota, so now i guess i got one of those dumb looking resto-mod things. 

20210828_075637 1.jpg



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thanks guys, yes i thougth i would in-frame it, get the mechanicals sorted out until im ready to paint the car.  the cylinders have more clearance than i like, but i will get the block out and sleeve it to use the standard original pistons, like i did with my erskine.  (see thread - erskine engine rebuild).

rex, figuring out valve train parts from other (modern or more common) engines - usually works, maybe with some modification, keeps things interesting, parts available, and usually costs down abit,  although i would never knock people that are trying to sell and supply us in the hobby with new old stock parts as much as possible.

thanks for checking the engine - terry

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