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Marvel Carb for Buick


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Just seeing if there might be a need for this carb and to see if anyone can ID the year Buick may have used them and if it was original for Buicks.

I hate to see it go to waste, the carb is just sitting on a skeleton parts car so I though it might be of use to someone in the Buick crowd. It may be Oct/Nov before I can make another trip to the yard because of the extreme heat but once it cools down I could retrieve it if anyone needs it. 


Feel free to post here or in PM if you have any interest and I'll make note of first come first serve basis. 


Thanks for your input




Marvel 2.jpg

Dont crush me bro 4 037.JPG

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The carb body is always cast iron but the carb bowl is pot metal in your picture.  That is a 1928 master engine because it has a vacuum tank which was only used through 1928, and the carb bowl in 1928 was either brass (early models) or pot metal (later models).  The water inlet pipe above the engine head was used on Master engines.



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I concur that it is a late 28, it has the four port water manifold which was a mid year upgrade, some say about the same time that the carb went to pot metal.  I have a 28 master 54C country club coupe with the late engine, I have upgraded with a early 1928 brass marvel, what a difference!!EED70230-BEDC-44A3-8AA1-EBEA23AA4524.jpeg.26fb040a9579fa77f73e7c041004c3b7.jpeg


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