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removing the gearbox.


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I've done a few miles - and it jumps out of top so I thought I'd have a look.  The first motion gear has several mm of lateral movement which means top isn't isn't fully engaging so it has to come to bits.  I suspect there is something unpleasant with the bearing which might have died.  However.....

Its about 8 years since I fitted gearbox having had clutch relined.  I remember I'll have to undo the rear axle and move it backwards a few inches to enable the propshaft to be disconnected (annoying), but I seem to recall there is an issue with having to disengage the clutch withdrawal mechanism through the inspection hatch before the box can come off  -  but its so long ago I can't remember details.


Can anyone remind me what the problem is before I get myself tangled up.  It was all so much easier to get at before i fitted the body!!

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