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Studebaker 1963 Champ pickup- correct wheels and hub caps


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Hello. My brother in law has a lot of old hubcaps. So after seeing your ad, I google-searched photos of Champ trucks to see what caps you are seeking. But there were several different ones shown. It might increase your chances of success if you show pictures of the exact cap and the specific wheels you are trying to match. 

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Thanks much for your reply to my request.

I haven't had much success posting pics but Ill try. Until then, here are some measurements etc.

The wheel is a 15" tire size. The width is 5" measured inside the rim bead.

The wheel cover (hub cap) measures 11and 1/2 inches on the outside diameter and 11 inches on the inside diameter. 

The wheel has three retention clips that the wheel cover snaps over to stay in place.  

I'll try to post pics when I get help adding them to the post.


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