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New Fuel line for 1917 Buick

Morgan Wright

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Under the car, the fuel line runs through the frame in a few holes that were designed for it, to keep it away from the exhaust system. Near the muffler there is a spot where the fuel line was riveted to the frame, by the same attachment that holds one of the mud pan attachment springs. I didn't want to mess with that, so I just left the old fuel line there and wrapped it around the new one, to keep it away from the muffler. I wound up sistering the new fuel line along side the old one, the way carpenters sister floor joists along side the old termite infested ones. This way future owners will know that the fuel line is new and what the original one looked like, I'm all about HPOF. The two lines are different, the original one was much stiffer, maybe an alloy of some sort. Not copper-nickel because copper nickel looks like nickel not copper. Maybe the original one was stiffer because the copper was not annealed, or maybe it wasn't as pure copper as modern copper is, which is very soft and flexible in that size.

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