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Chrysler convertible coupe 1933

Walt G

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Something odd about this 1933 Chrysler: hood doors on the raised side panel but not a full-length, over-the-cowl hood which is typical of 1933 models.  Suppose Chrysler could have been using up some leftover 1932 convertible coupe bodies?   Wheelbase looks to be the Series CO six cylinder.   Natty dressers, both father and son.


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I have other photos of the same car but most are front views with people posed so you only see grille shell and headlamps, this is the only other of a side view and was really dark so I lightened it up as much as possible. It is quite possible that the 6 cyl. Chrysler used some of the body stampings of perhaps the Dodge. I know in 1932 DeSoto and Plymouth were sharing bodies for the conv. sedans.  I was able to closely inspect both a Plymouth PB and a DeSoto of 1932 conv sedan and the entire body shell was the same with differences of course in the dashboard instruments , interior trim and handles.

This was not an unusual practice to share bodies - continued at least up into the early 1940s - even at GM , I have a 1940 Buick Roadmaster conv sedan and the same body was used by the larger series Oldsmobile 90, Cadillac series 61 with changes to the dashboards etc between makes.

Let's hope some of the Chrysler fraternity sees this and chimes in with some learned comments.


Raining here on western long island but no heavy flooding or severe winds from the hurricane that decided to visit us while traveling up the eastern coast.  I just know that some of you are thinking - good he can't go out so can look up and post more stuff for us to see .  Between research for information for stories that are in progress ( yes the list is endless and yes it is all pre WWII, heavy on the luxury cars or odd makes of the 1914-29 era) it does not feel like I retired a decade ago. Continue to hope all this period photo stuff I started  1 1/2 years ago stays as a relief for all of you to keep in touch with old, used cars. 😬

Keep well all my best regards always,



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