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Potential Rally Car!

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Hey Everyone! 


I run vintage vehicle cross country rallies (the big one is The Great Race). I am currently on the hunt for a different vehicle for that rally, but I also want to keep an automatic transmission.


I have located a 1940 Olds Model 60 with a Hydromatic. I know that was offered factory back then, and it has the inline 6.


I am hoping to get a couple of different questions answered regarding this car


1) How readily available are parts? Would I be able to find a lot of the parts while rallying on the road? (i know thats tough to answer, depends on what breaks)


2) How reliable is the inline 6? How much power can it actually make?


3) How quickly can I get it to 55? Will I be redlining the motor at 55? The only time we go 50/55 during our rally is during our calibration runs - but we will sometimes spend a solid 60 minutes constantly at the speed.


4) How well does the car accelerate uphill? If I am going from a stop - would I be able to accelerate to 50 consistently while going uphill?


5) how are brakes on these old beasts? I am assuming not good. What are good brake upgrades that yall have done?


and Lastly) info dump what you know about the hydramatic trannies. Are they any good? Parts available? would you drive 2400 miles cross country with one?



I appreciate everyones time with reading and replies. Hope you all have a great day.

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