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Chandler car.

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I just saw it when I stopped to eat, so I know nothing more. It appears to be acting as yard art. There were some much newer unrestored antiques parked at the house, you can see one of them to the left of the Chandler. Here is a google street view. I wouldn't believe the address without more digging as I believe they are only approximate. You can back out of street view and see it on a map. The google pic is from 2013 and the Chandler looks way worse. Weird. My picture in the earlier post is from a couple months ago.




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A project car for sure. Looks like it's in his sandbox.

Think he's restoring it since the doors were missing in 2013 and they are on it now?


I noticed the doors missing but the steering wheel was covered so it wouldn't be damaged any more.





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