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1930 Buick 57 lugnuts for wire and flat steel wheels

50 Buick Woodie

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1930 Buick 57  lugnuts for wire and flat steel wheels

searching for WTB


Helping a member of our Inland Northwest Buick chapter locate several lugnuts for their 1930 Buick sedan 57 , several are broke and threads are bad (WORN)

The nut looks to be the same as the 1929 Buick wire and flat steel wheels nuts.

I have attached a few images to help in the description of what we are searching for.


these are open on both ends

9/16 x 18  Unified National Fine Thread

they are beveled or tapered to the wheel

they are 1" inch in length

3/4" on the hex side


we are looking for a source if you can help us.

contact us by email at { InlandNorthwestBuick@gmail.com }





Unified National Fine Thread chart.jpeg

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50 Buick Woodie:


Here are some pictures of the 29 Buick wire and disc wheel nuts (top or left) and also the optional wood wheel that mounts at the hub's longer nut (bottom or right).


I don't have a thread measurer so can't confirm the threads.  Both are only open on 1 end.  The wire / disc wheel one is approx. 1&1/8" long and the wood wheel one is approx. 1&3/4" long.


Try following people for nuts:


      •  Tony Bult <tonybuick272829@gmail.com>  Tel:  (262) 275-6403.  He’s in Wisconsin.

      •  Burr Corbett  Tel:  (814) 226-7142 Work;  (814) 226-6545 Home - No email.  He’s in PA.


Also, a few years back Don Mayton made some stainless steel sets of the 1929 wire / disc wheel  nuts and was selling them.  Don't know if he has any more.  <don.maytonscars@gmail.com>  Tel: 616-690-9001.  


Also, check with Bob's Automobilia <bob@bobsautomobilia.com>.


If these don't work, I have a contact in Australia but he's been locked down for some time with Covid so don't know if he's back to work, yet.


-- Bill McLaughlin --

Editor & Publisher - 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter
Tel: 416-580-5802
E-Mail: bill@29buick.ca
Web Site:  www.29buick.ca
Photo Web Site:  www.29Buickphotos.com






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