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1931 Buick transmission


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Hello all.

In a friends 1931 Buick series 80 there was some whining noise when driving in 1st and 2nd. The gearbox was taken out and inspected and the gear teeth have some wear too them. 

Are there any places that sell gearbox parts?





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The transmission in 1931-80 series is unique to 1931 80 and 90 series only.  The assemblies have different numbers for export models also.  I suspect that the clutch and shifting mechanisms may be difference.  I would be cautious if you find some parts to be sure they will fit.


Did you try running a higher weight gear oil in the transmission?  


Bob Engle

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2nd gear whine is usually countershaft needle bearings.  These are a hearty gearbox and unless run dry,  it's hard to believe the gears are worn.  

1st gear whines in our 90 series but they are straight cut gears.  I'd rebuild it and try 140 wt. oil.  250 wt. oil if it's still noisy.  

These gearboxes aren't going to be as quite as the late 30's cars.  

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In America.......when we want to make the whine go away when driving our antique’s..........we tell the wife to get out of the car! 😎

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