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Lycoming KB 4 cylinder engine

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Here's my 1916 ? International firetruck.  It has a Lycoming KB 4 cylinder engine.  I'm trying to find a source for parts for this engine.  The whole thing looks rough but I'd like to make it run again.  Any help on parts or engine specs would be appreciated.  Alternately, I have a 1927 Dodge Brothers  4 cylinder engine and transmission that could be used to replace the Lycoming.  I'm told that the body is a Boyer and you see it needs a little TLC.  What do you think? Once in the shop we'll strip it down to the frame and start from there.  We'll have the engine, tranny and brakes operational before we go any further.  The rest is cosmetic.  


Thanks for any help.CAB99825-FBFE-4707-8976-D567903CFA9F_1_105_c.jpeg.2be7ae804745b72e70d02ab8a12962ec.jpeg212BA978-80BB-4D85-AF28-4503016A9E2B.jpeg.f87bbd0dec48ce28f741166cf7636226.jpeg28DF2469-70A8-43AE-8F68-42C0C958F08A.jpeg.21faed1491753946113af06730b82189.jpegFD833A52-DF5D-4C7E-B824-522FA0B27083.jpeg.f780ade61525b0a65d677177ce7e44d8.jpeg3B512719-7514-48B1-AC86-F404B986D2A7.jpeg.814ef0c71d02b4c48fb2b58e0e25ae29.jpeg30716751-7E1C-4FAC-B37C-75B77009B4BD.jpeg.f9860ac8dd37f58090ddbe40a3d9ea14.jpeguuui

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It doesn't look to me that anything dramatic is missing. Is the block or the head is cracked? What parts do you think you need? Until you take it apart you can't know what the inside looks like but even it it is stuck that doesn't mean it can't be repaired. Obviously, if you are considering using another engine you aren't concerned with absolute originality which leaves getting that engine running all the more possible.


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Thanks guys.  We haven’t gotten into the engine yet but the spark plugs are missing and the head is just sitting on the studs.  Not bolted in place.  Expect to find water damage after all these years.  Can bore, sleeve, and grind as needed. Just wondering what might be available. I think it is 3.5 x 5 B&S with 2 main bearings of Babbitt. 
The numbers are KB161310H ???maybe and 91789110 ??? Maybe.  I posted a photo of the tag and you might read the numbers better than I. 
If you can find a little history for this unit that would be great. 
We are also rebuilding a 1926 Seagrave firetruck and have built an all steel manifold for it.  If interested go to FB group “Restorable cars and barn finds,,,” and search for my name to see more. 


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