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1941 Special brake lights

First Buick

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I made a posting on June 12 about a problem I was having with my brake lights.  Wife has been in and out of the hospital and haven't had time to work on the problem.  After the "hot wire" to the brake light switch melted, I could only think the new brake light switch had a short and was going directly to ground.  Today, a friend and I finally got around to checking it out and that was the problem.  I had already purchased another brake light switch and after replacing the burned wire, we took the suspect switch out and tested it and sure enough, it had a short to ground.  We put in a new switch, after checking it out, and plugged in all the wires and the brake lights work fine as does the "third brake light" in the rear window.  Now I will not be afraid to go on the streets with it.  The faulty switch was a high quality switch but it just goes to show you that sometimes quality is not all it is cracked up to be! 

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