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1931 headlight glass and reflector?

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The H4 kit from Speedway, might give lots of light (depending on how they are powered and wiring), and you may be able to aim them somewhat, but because they are mounted to the reflectors not the sockets, there would be no way to focus them (that is what the lens and socket does). So instead of getting beams of light, you might have the light spread all over. I put Bosch 6 volt H4 headlights in my 1948 F2 (Ford), it has a good generator, new battery but old wiring, the lights really are weak. If you are going to run them, needs good wiring and grounds. H4 bulbs would be best in cars using a light bulb housing that was designed for that style bulb that has the focus length designed in.

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Jack, thank you, i know this kit, but doesn't help me so far.

I also have complete new Model-A Headlights here, but they have a FORD logo stamped on the case.
They also have a different depth.


Mark, i have a new powergen (Model-A look), headlight relais and new wiring, so ready for 55/60W bulbs.
But still no solution reg. lens and reflector.

Considering to mount the Model-A lights soon 😞



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23 hours ago, JACK M said:

Worked pretty good.

Mark is right about focusing, but I have done this on a few builds and have no complaints.

Could they be better? maybe. But they work pretty well as is.

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