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Windshield wipers


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Try buying some aerosol penetrating lubricant with a straw nozzle and spray up under the wiper arms

and let it soak overnight.... The splines on the wiper arms are stuck due to corrosion. If you keep soaking them down

they should free up eventually. Also the rubber mallet is a good idea. In my shop I've had wiper arms on fairly late model

cars be frozen on the shafts and take hours and hours of  fighting them to get them off. They always come off eventually but

you may feel like you went ten rounds with Mohammed Ali before you are done.

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14 hours ago, Estreet said:

Hey all! How do I remove the windshield wipers on a 1965 Riviera? 


  I use a small square of "one by" as a fulcrum point to distribute the load and protect the paint and a 3 foot angled prybar...they come off. Shocking the wiper on the splines with a rubber mallet is a good idea....warming up the base of the wiper arm with a heat gun is also a good idea, just protect the paint,

Tom Mooney

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On 9/24/2021 at 3:30 AM, Turbinator said:

Tom, would induction heat be too much heat? I suppose you can back off the induction coil before the metal is destroyed?


Hi Bob,

  I have never used the tool you are referring to although I know of it but I cant offer any advice. I would recommend an electric heat gun which is much forgiving than other methods but only if basic mechanical methods dont work.


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