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TONS of eBay Auctions, 68-72 Parts, 10% Off to Members


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[color:red]<center>Greetings again from Texas!


I just listed a slough of auctions on eBay. Most are 70-72 parts, but a few 68-69 goodies mixed in, too. There will be another 30 or so auctions starting next week, as well, so stay tuned. Some big stuff, some small stuff, a few treasures I suspect, and all at good prices. Let me know if you win an auction and you're from this list - I'll take 10% off the final bid and see if I can help any on shipping. Here's the link to my seller's page:


You might have to cut and paste the two lines into your address window to make it work. If you have any troubles, just search under the seller name: morganallen. Happy bidding and happy driving!

-Morgan Allen

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Thanks for the offer! I try and list the parts slightly broader than their application so that the auctions pick up more hits and folks who have diverse interests can stumble upon the stuff. The downside is a lot of questions to field during the auctions, but I hope folks get only what they need and want. I appreciate your checking the stuff out, though, and especially for the offered help. Happy driving!

-Morgan Allen

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