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37 Buick 46S trim clips

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Hello again, as I am wrapping up the restoration on my 37 Buick 46S Coupe I'm at the point now of choosing the correct body side moulding clips. I have installed the 1/4 moulding,  as they were the easiest since I could secure them with a screw type clip from the inside. The door moulding are a different story. I believe they are secured with a push on type of clips, or maybe with barrel nuts (just my guess). The hood side moulding, I have no idea how to secure them. I am hoping that someone could steer me in the right direction on which clips to purchase. Any photos would be appreciated.

Thanks again, Jakes

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I am not sure which size you need, but Bob's sells several different sizes of the same type of clip that is used on mouldings. You can measue the width of the moulding and see which size you need. Here is a link to one of them: https://bobsautomobilia.com/hardware/snap-in-7-8-moulding-clip-.-mc-4462/ 


On the hood, you should use that type on all but the front and back clips. On those, you use a clip that uses a bolt and nut to secure it to the hood. It is available in a few sizes so this might not be the right size... https://bobsautomobilia.com/hardware/3-4-to-1-molding-clip-.-mc-3/


I think if you call Bob's, they will know which ones you need.

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Thanks McHinson for your reply !  Prior to my listing this question I went to Bob's website. I did see the clips that you mentioned. What Bob's listings did not provide was what size holes does the clips accept. I didn't want the clips too large that they would chip the paint around the holes or that they would be too small and not tightly secure the moulding to the panel.  I will give Bob's a call to find out what clips they recommend. Thanks again. Jakes

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My stainless trim had a few different types of clips.  

Running board:  All stud fasteners and nuts to secure.  NO "push in" type clips

Hood:  Screw-in stud type front clip and rear most clip.  All center clips are the push in type

Cowl:  Both push in type, seal the holes before installing

Door:  ALL the push in type clips.  NO stud/nut 

Rear quarter: Rear most clip is the stud/nut type.  All the rest were the push in like the cowl section, all holes sealed before installation



Running board trim ALL stud type with nuts to secure



Installing the running board clips aligned with the holes in the board



Front cowl and Rear quarter all used this shape clip.  Seal the holes before install to keep water out of the car.



I cleaned them all and used only the best ones.




Rear quarter seal all holes prior to install




Rear most clip is a stud inside the trunk secured with a nut.  Sealed hole.




Door trim and the center holes for the hood




Again, choose the best ones that still have a good spring to them




Then push them in.



A note about the stud / nut fasteners:


My Buick was drilled 3/16" holes.

Many of the stud/nut clips I found had 5/16" studs and could not be used so double check the hood /trunk hole sizes




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