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Wanted: 1948 Buick Super Parts Car / Donor Car (Roadmaster Body)


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I know multiple years were the same so it can be other than 1948 but I'm restoring a 1948 Buick Super 4Dr Sedan. I have a solid front clip and already repaired the doors so I'm particularly looking for a solid rust free body to save me a lot of time in rust repair with my current body. From my research, although the Roadmaster was different than the Super, they still had the same exact body which is all that I need. I'm okay with purchasing an entire car even if its running and driving, if I have to, and just using what I need. And before anyone suggests, I know they aren't worth much and I'd be better off buying one done already but I'm trying to fulfill someones last wishes and they want to retain as much of their original car as possible. The car they grew up in and then raised their family with. I can do the sheet metal fabrication if I have to keep their current body, I'm just trying to save the friend some time before its too late and they don't get to see it through and drive the car one last time. Thank you in advance and I appreciate and helpful feedback! 

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