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Aftermarket head unit grounding


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I put this in Doyle's thread, but I figured it was something that was important enough to share on its own. 


I was installing a new aftermarket head unit in my TC (Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS) and could not get it to turn a source on. It would kick the whole unit off, put it in a "safe mode" and I had to reset it to get it to come back on. 


Turns out that you can NOT use the Black/Dark Green wire as the head unit ground wire. I don't have a reason as of yet because according to the diagrams it *should* work, but in this case, it simply would not. Once I used the braided ground strap, the problem went away. 


So, if you are installing an aftermarket head unit, either run a dedicated ground, or use the braided ground strap. 


Hope this helps somebody at some point.

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