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Have this 1910 Model 10 in my foyer that I would like to add an electric starter.  I saw articles in the past of people adding belt drive units to the flywheel and other ways to accomplish this.  I would like to get this parade ready by Christmas.  The last time it ran was 10 years ago when I drove it to the house and moved it inside after removing the fuel. 


Any help in the endeavor would be greatly appreciated.


John Schmidt



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The belt units I've worked on didn't work that well because the belt was quickly saturated with oil and it would slip on the flywheel.  These were large HP cars so maybe on a the smaller Buick and keep it wiped off you would probably be fine.  


They use a starter/generator from a 60's era simplicity lawn mower.  They are a delco unit.  The flywheel should have a groove machined in it to keep the flat belt in line.  

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I was short on time this morning.  Those delco units are wired to 12 volt voltage regulator out of the 60's.  They charge the battery well.   Your car doesn't appear to be a touring car so I'm sure it would work well for your application.    Modern serpantine belt was used so a new pulley was made to replace the v-belt pulley on the original starter/gen.   Personally I think a v-belt would work better and possibly slip less than the serp that was used in this car.   2 v-belts would be better but a new pulley would have to be made.  


A ring gear and mini starter from a forklift would be more foolproof but you have to add an alternator or charge the battery often if used on a tour.  

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On my '08 Model F I put a standard ring gear on the flywheel.   Had to place an adapter to the flywheel, but it works fine.  Other than the machine work, the ring gear was about $60.00.  Picture is of the side of the engine that the transmission bolts to the flywheel.  The starter goes in the area of the the transmission and attaches to the frame.


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