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Take a Survey and will a prize. Is this a hoax?

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When I cam to the AACA Foruns this morning, a pop up said, take a survey about the AACA Web Site an win a prize.   I took the survey an selected a prize and it froze e and was non responsive.

I went to the Early Ford V8 Forum and the same survey popped up with the same survey about their web site.

Is this authorized?   Is it all a hoax?   Did antine ever get the orize?

I suspect it's a hoax, your thoughts.

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My bet, a scam to get your info. If you have anti virus software run it before you open any sensitive sites your cc or bank info is available. 
Just an old computer (main frame) guys thoughts for what that’s worth. 
dave s 

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38 minutes ago, Roger Walling said:

I never respond to a pop up. 😈

 And usually do not respond to any email unless I know the sender.🧑



With my ad blocker, I don't even see pop-ups


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