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37 dodge hood ornament

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When bought my truck decades ago the hood ornament was long gone. I have since found one, & wondering the mounting system, I see it requires a 10-32 screw, seems like it needs something else, any pics would be helpful.

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The screw wedges the ornament in place when tightened down. Works very well. I used a hex head screw for a painless, non slip screw job. I filed the end down like a pencil point as seen in keiser31’s post.

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Thank you I understand now, should also make easier to remove for security. 20210804_082632.jpg.33ae5c0d4fca9731c843fdcde8987067.jpg

20210804_082645.jpg.4dc561cb274f7448931607b46a047858.jpgmine is different than the one on eBay, has a hook in back & the one wedge style screw hole. I did sharpen the screw to a dangerous point.


Thanks again


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